Our Story

Now, you are probably thinking, WHYYYYY another bikini brand. What do you guys do different? The honest answer is nothing. We do what every other brand does. We try to be as sustainable as possible with our packaging and materials. We use almost the same material as the bikini you can buy at sea folly and we are an online only store. 

​But what we don't have is cracks. Yes you heard us right, cracks. Butt cracks are not on our agenda.

We design bikinis that are mid/full coverage because we are sick and tired of everyone looking at us at the beach. My dad doesn't need to see that and neither does yours. 

​We strive to make bikinis a little more modest, a little less revealing, and a whole lot fabulous. 

​The bikinis we design are trendy and minimalistic bikinis that are perfect for when you go on family holidays to Bali, when you go to the beach with your friends and when you want to be covered up a little more so the creep in the bush stops staring at you. 

​If you are looking for super cheeky bikinis, this is probably not the best place to come. But if you are looking for something super stylist that covers your lady parts, this might just be the best place for you!